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Sengkang Swimming Lessons

Coach Xavier is a full-time Swimming Instructor for the last 18 years. He continues to find joy in teaching swimming to people of all ages, ranging from 3 years old onwards to adults.

Coach Xavier conducts his swimming lessons with a good sense of humour and makes his swimming classes enjoyable. Most importantly, his students overcome their fear of water and learn about water safety and equip themelsves with an important life-skill.

He has trained numerous students in their quest to attain their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

He is patient and feels a sense of satisfaction and achievement at seeing his students progress in their swimming techniques and abilities.

He believes strongly in the importance of children understanding and learning water safety from a young age.

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Xavier's Coaching Qualifications

  • Certified Swimming Instructor with Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association (SSTA)
  • Certified by Sport Singapore and Singapore Swimming Association (SSTA)
  • NROC Registered Coach with Sport Singapore
  • Qualified SwimSafer Instructor with Sport Singapore

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