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What is the minimum age to learn swimming?

The minimum age is from 4 years old onwards.

Where do you conduct your swimming lessons?

Currently, XSA Swim Academy conducts swimming lessons at Sengkang Swimming Complex and Tampines Swimming Complex. Off-site class can be conducted in other swimming pools and condominiums upon request.

What is the maximum class size for group swimming class? How much are the fees?

The maximum is 10 children in one class in a public swimming pool. Fees will be charged at $80 per child each month for every four lessons.

Do you conduct private swimming lessons? How much are the fees?

Yes. We conduct one-to-one lessons. Fees will be charged at $300 each month for every four lessons.

How long will it take my child to complete the entire SwimSafer programme?

Generally it will take 3 to 4 years to complete the SwimSafer programme. However, the progress of completing the programme is dependant on the child's learning ability. Every child is different and progresses at a different pace. Practice and exposure are the keys to learning, therefore if you want your child to learn fast, they will need to practice regularly.

Will my child be awarded SwimSafer certificate?

Yes. Our instructors will recommend and arrange the appropriate SwimSafer test when the child is ready. If the child passes the test, he/she will be awarded a SwimSafer certificate.

What do I need to bring for my swimming lesson?

You will need to bring your own swimming suit and goggles. Your swimming instructor may advise you to buy other equipment if needed.